My favorite thing that you have done with the lessons is the examples of how to perform the different abilities you are teaching. Much of the teachings I have come across in the past lack this part of the teachings. If you can't explain how something works, then how is anyone else supposed to understand how to do it themselves? As a group leader, I am often asked just how to use the runes or about some other esoteric ability and how it works. I often had trouble explaining to people just what they should do. You have cleared much of this up for me and have in turn made it easier for me to explain it to them. I thank you for myself and for them.

R.M., St. Louis, MI

I just want to say how much I enjoy this course and how much I am learning through studies and meditation. I have been studying the Northern tradition for a number of years now and I am familiar with the runes as well as the lore, divination, and meanings. But this course seems to lead me to the belief that we all have these archetypes deep within our subconscious that can be brought forth with the aid of the runes. Through meditation I've recently developed a new level of understanding and am very impressed the fact that in the very first lesson(s) I was able to gain so much. You're doing a great job with this and I commend your efforts.

C.Z., Marion, IL

The past few years of study with the Denali Institute have provided me with a better understanding of the runes. This knowledge has given me the ability to apply their energies in modern situations. I am looking forward to the next cycle of lessons.

B.O., Long Beach, California

I am constantly amazed at the comments and essays you receive and publish [in Denali monthly journals] from other students. They are very advanced and thought provoking. They are a constant help to me in formulating my own views of this most complex universe we share.

F. F., Tulsa, OK

I am truly indebted to you and the Institute for bringing such useful knowledge concerning the Northern skills to my doorstep. Having the material to continually refer back to has inspired in seeking runic ways I may have never thought of myself...the Thursday night meditations hold such an immense energy in them that is so refreshing. I cannot begin to describe the feeling with words.

Y. J., LR Loma, California

I was a bit reluctant at first ...This (instruction) is more than I ever believed possible. Runes are very relaxing and somehow I'm beginning to remember lost info on myself which is coming to light.

M.H., Albany, New York

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