Contains basic foundation of Northern lore, mythology,
and spiritual tradition as an introduction to Denali instruction.

(Included in Quick Start enrollment as "Understanding" lesson)

52 page softcover, 5˝" x 8˝", staple bound
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Contains instruction on critical life skills condensed from first "life skill" lessons of Rune Master course: Money Magic; Northern "Luck"; Relationship; Protection; Ancestral Stream + Appendixes.

128 page, lay flat comb-bind, 5˝" x 8˝" book
$19.95 + $2.00 p/h = $21.95*
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The Essential Norse Mythology

"This edition collects the essential myths and legends of the Northern traditions into a single volume. These are new translations of the medieval manuscripsts,
judiciously edited and newly arranged. The central myths and legends have been combined into a patchwork quilt that is far greater than its parts.
The material was gathered from the most authoritative Old Norse sources. A full biography is provided."

Translated and edited, with Preface, Notes, Glossary, and Illustrations by Denali Inst. Erulian J.C. Buddemeyer
412 pages, 6x9 format, perfect (glue bound)
$26.95 + $5 p/h=$31.95

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The Elder Edda

Translated by J. C. Buddemeyer

"With this translation I have endeavored to present an accurate
and usable English translation from the Old Icelandic.
It has been my intention to produce an English edition worthy
of use by modern students and practitioners of the Northern tradition."
Denali Inst. Erulian J.C. Buddemeyer
192 pages, 6x9 format, perfect (glue bound)
$19.95 + $4.95 p/h=$24.90
* Discounted for active Rune Master students. See Strictly Personal flyers.
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Feature Articles Previously Published in True North Journal

Insight articles may be ordered by mail directly from The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions. These articles are approximately the length of a standard magazine article, offering practical tips on how ancient Northern spiritual tradition can be applied to the complexities of modern life. They include short summaries of more comprehensive instruction offered in the Denali Institute Rune Master course curriculum.

Copies of articles may be ordered for a nominal fee. Ordering instructions are provided at the bottom of this page.

#250The Magic of Oath TakingMaking resolutions that stick
#251What's in a Name?Your energy signature
#252The Magic of TreesNorthern lore of trees
#253Northern Spiritual InitiationTurning life events into spiritual passages
#254Natural vs Metric MeasureOld measuring units connect humans & Earth
#255Friends in Low PlacesNorthern lore of Elves, Dwarfs, Trolls, etc.
#256The Great InitiationNorthern lore on death and migration of soul
#257Pay Attention!Essential ingredient for magical demonstration
#258The AsygnjorGoddess handmaidens to Frigga
#259The Northern Code of HonorExcerpts from the Hávamál, Northern ethical
guidelines (also see To Do Honor - #279)
#260When Heroes FallLoki's Role as Trickster and Jester
#261Odin and JesusTwo savior archetypes
- their similarities and their differences
#262Sprouting IdeasNature's classroom on mental creativity
#263The Family CodeA discourse on the ancient family code of honor
#264BeginningsHow to self-start your goals!
#265LoveThe Love Force, different from romantic love
#267Chaos and OrderWill they ever balance?
#268Are You Born-Again?Of course you are, with each and every
Life passage!
#270Crime and Your SafetyHow the ancients dealt with criminal behavior
#271AddictionsTreating addictions with spiritual understanding
#272Ragnarok, ArmageddonNorthern lore on the myth of the End-Days
#273Health Care and Self-HealingNorthern lore on this vital issue
#274The WILD in WildernessThe "Bambi complex" vs Nature's way
in the real wild-wood!
#275Spiritual BoldnessRules for mental and spiritual boldness
#276Winter LoreThe message of winter for human life wave
#277The MilleniumNorthern understanding of millennium times
#278The Sacred Marriage and
Romantic Love
Are they compatible?
#279To Do HonorMore on Northern Inner Virtues
#280Victory through SacrificeThe role of sacrifice in spiritual growth
#281Thor and the Free FolkHow to achieve true freedom of mind
#282Your GoalsHow to achieve them!
#283Health and HealingRunester, heal thyself
#284In Your Dreams, RunesterDreams as a means of prophecy
#253Northern Spiritual InitiationTurn life events into spiritual passages
#285Yule TimeThen and Now
#286Money MagicCould you use some extra money this year?
#287Soul MatesThe Real Story
#288Spiritual Mysteries of the SunIs This Where Spirit Becomes Matter?
#289When Trees Talk BackMore on the Mystical Landscape
#290The Lady is on the LandWhat is Earth teaching you, THIS MONTH?
#291The Value of FreedomSuppression in the Elder Days
#292Are You Enriched or Robbed?Loss of accurate knowledge in mainstream sacred texts
#293The Golden Rule Is There One Better?
#294Which Way DeathComparing Northern and Christian Lore
#295ThankfulnessThe Attitude of Gratitude on Northern Path
#296Mistletoe & HollyAnd Other Things
#297 Who Are You Runester?Defining Your Role As A Runester
#298 Sexual AttractionThe Cosmic Force of Creation
#299 Good Luck!Not Just for the Irish
#300 IcelandTime Capsule to the Ancient Days
#301 Animals and UsPartners in Destiny
#302 The VanirEarth Branch of our Northern Family
#303 FrictionThe Language of Democracy
#304 GamblingThe Third Oldest Human Activity?
#305 Heaven on EarthWhy Run Away?
#306 TransmigrationThe Journey of Soul
#307 Assert YourselfTo be nobody but yourself
#308 It's Family TimeThe Yule Season
#309The Energies of CommittmentA chicken and a pig were walking down the road...
#310 Aspects of LoveThe Northern View
#311ForgivenessThe Northern Way
#312 ArousalThe Magical Elixir
#313 Let's Go A-VikingSpringtime Adventures in Mind
#314FireSurt, Muspelheim and the Salamanders
#315 Glory!The Northern Stimulant
#316 PerfectionThe Perfect Illusion
#317 AbortionA Timely Northern Viewpoint
#318 The Grand Old TreesThis is the forest primeval . . .
#319 The Magic of Yule 
#320Let's Do Magic!This year
#321Modern Love SpellsAny Good?
#322VerdandiNorn of the Present Moment
#323Ye Gods!Pantheons For Modern Day Thinkers
#324BirchTree of Earth Mother
#325Mountains!Home of the Giants of Jotunheim
#326Take ControlOf Your Life
#327HusbandryThe Lessons of August
#328YggdrasilWhat's In It For You?
#329JusticeThe Irminsul and Terrorism (After 9-11)
#330Spiritual Genealogy"Lo, there do I see my Father . . . "
#331NightWhen There Was No Electricity
#332 BoastingYule-End Tradition
#333BalancePoise Is Power
#334Follow Your Bliss.....Unexpected Doors Will Open
#335HeimskringlaHistory of the Norse Kings
#336Secrets of FreyrEarth God
#337Using Mental SkillsRules of the Road
#338Summer & Faerie FolkLightalfheim
#339Feel The High NorthAlaska – The Great Land
#340Your House-GuestThe Elf in your Home
#341Codes to Live By Exercise in Hávamál Advisories
#342Warrior/Magician Mind-Styles
#343Balder The Best Loved
#344SymbolsMore Powerful Than Words
#345MimirThe Wise One
#346The Thoroughly Modern RunesterModern Mentalist
#347Spiritual ReasoningHigh-Minded Solutions
#348Magic at the AlthingIceland, 875-1000 CE
#349SilenceShhhh, Be Still
#350Do - ING - It....Take Action This Year
#351Cancer The Scourge of Modern Living
#352Spiritual EnlightenmentThrough Vocation
#355SummerWhen Vanir Walk the Land
#356Independencevia the Mannaz Self
#357The Supreme MandateMagical Ethics
#358Accurate Communications55% Non-Verbal
#359RiverdanceA Review
#360Who/What to WorshipThis holiday season
#361Runes & the "Slight Edge"The Tiny Difference Between "Win" and "Also Ran"
#362Visiting the EinherjarStudent personal experience
#363What the *Bleep* Do We Know!?Movie Review - Quantum Realities

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