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Armaggedon and the End Days

Are They Upon Us? Are They Survivable? YES!

What if, after all these years of anticipation, we find that the "End-days" have already come and gone? What if the various forms of Armageddon fears are evidencing once again, and the same "non-event" comes about at the beginnings of this millennium? Like Linus of Peanuts fame, we will have waited in the pumpkin patch only to find the Great Pumpkin has passed through without our being aware. Both Linus and Charlie Brown would say, "How embarrassing!"

There would be some chagrined and even angered people, for sure. Especially those who have invested their entire belief system into End-Time predictions, whether within a church group or by making presentations to audiences of millions. And yet, that is what may be in store for us all if we look at prophecy with a keen eye to history and with accurate knowledge of the Creative Life Force.  


As we explore this interesting possibility, we should preface our remarks with the way human nature influences the content of End-time prophecy.

First, an audience remembers little of pleasant prophecies, but pays great attention (and money) to doomsday predictions. Thus, the prophet is more receptive to intuitive impressions of disaster and terrible events than pleasurable happenings. Second, most audiences forget about the overwhelming percentages of prophecies that do not come true, and will build thin, fragile assumptions of logic to justify the claim of the few that do come close to being fulfilled. Third, the prophet is a victim of his or her own inevitable prediction. He or she must assume that the anticipated disaster is predestined to come about. Consequently, the prophet becomes a fatalist rather than an inspired agent of change.  


In the Song of the Sibyl (Völuspá), the Seeress foretells of Ragnarok, the last great battle in which all creation, including the Gods and Goddess will perish. Denali students are provided this poem in the first quarter's material. She says that the doom will be preceded by anarchy, war and crime among mankind, and by the wolf Fenris swallowing the sun, causing a three year long winter.

Amid earthquakes and falling stars, the monsters chained in the deep escape. The serpent of Midgard leaves the sea and waters pour over the earth. On the flood comes the ship Naglfar, made from dead men's nails and crewed by the Frost Giants from Nifelheim with Loki at the helm. The fire giant Surt and his army from Muspelheim join the war against the Gods, enroute shattering the rainbow bridge Bifrost.

Summoned by the horn blast of Heimdal, the guardian of Bifrost, the Aesir and Vanir ride out behind Odin and his host of 432,000 Einherjar (the fallen warriors) to slay and be slain by their mortal foe: Odin by Fenris; Thor by the Midgard serpent; Tyr by Garm, Heimdal by Loki. All die but Surt, who torches earth after the battle. The blazing earth sinks under the raging sea.

All is gone, yet a new heaven and a new earth emerges. A new sun shines down. New gods appear to renew the world. Balder, the Aesir God of light and love, is resurrected to take the place of Odin as the father of the gods. Two human beings Lif and Liftrhasir also survive the tempest. They hid themselves in the wood of Yggdrasil, the Cosmic World Tree, where they;lived by feeding on the morning dew.

In this new world, the few surviving Gods and Goddesses return to their old haunts on the plain of Ivedale to linger over old and happy associations. As they turn mournfully to the place where their halls once stood, they see that Gimle, the highest heavenly abode in Asgard had not been consumed in the battle. It rises glittering before them, its gold roof outshining the sun. Hastening to Gimle, they find that it has become the place of refuge for all the virtuous.

Some in current day are quick to judge that the end to this myth is but a rendering of the Judeo-Christian Last Judgement. Yet scholars point out that the weight of evidence from parallels in other myth and folklore does not support this ending added by a medieval clergy.

The Völuspá stands on its own as a wisdom writing complete within the Northern spiritual tradition. It is loaded with mythological insights into the great transition of Ages on earth that we are now experiencing and passing through!


As we study the end days, it is appropriate to point out a major difference between the Northern Ragnarok and the Judeo-Christian Armageddon cited in the Book of Revelations. It has to do the with qualifications of human survivors at end-time. In the Book of Revelations, salvation is promised exclusively and only to those who believe in the spiritual teachings of the Bible, at one point listed as "the 144,000."

But in the Northern Ragnarok myth (Snorri's Prose Edda), man and woman (Lif and Liftrhasir) survive Ragnarok. They do so not because of passing a test of faith, but rather because it is the nature of Cosmic evolution that the human race survive the turning of an Age from one level of consciousness to another.

I believe Lif and Lifthrasir are mythological representatives of humankind, not just two individual people, male and female. You could say the same applies to the 144,000 in the Christian New Testament but their survival is still contingent upon their degree of faith (by whose judgement?)


With that preface, I would now like to substantiate why I believe we have already passed the time of Ragnarok and Armageddon. In order to understand this admittedly bold claim, I would ask you to accommodate two perspectives, at least for the duration of this discussion.

The first agreement is that prophecy is narrowly focused. Through the mechanics of collapsed time, synchronicity or heightened intuition, the prophet receives momentary glimpses of potential events taking place centuries in the future. His or her interpretation of the event, including its scope and impact, is taken solely from those tiny vignettes.

The second agreement is that participants in contemporary events must view prophecy in the context of decades or even half-centuries to gain the true warp and weave of any prophecy.

What if . . .

Now, picture yourself as a wise thinker looking back upon this century from a vantage point of the year 2200 CE. You would probably wonder how humankind survived the holocausts of the 20th century. The history of the first half of this century shows tens upon tens of millions were victims of genocide, political purgings, and world wars.

Statistics . . .

While the Nazi Holocaust looms large in everyone's mind with its death toll of 6 million Jewish people, we tend to forget that Stalin purged (that means killed) 7 million enemies of the state in Russia and sent another 12 million to Russian Gulags to die. In China, Mao's cultural revolution was responsible for the death of at least several million private landowners, if not more during his purges. Total military deaths in WWI and WWII amounted to 39 million, not including civilians (Wikipedia). Furthermore, during the period after WWII from 1945 to 1980, more than twice as many people died from genocide than by outright war!

What would an ancient prophet presume from a momentary intuitive vision of this century's pain and trauma ? What would he or she conclude if they touched upon the astral world of the 20th century and felt the shock of its receiving millions upon millions of souls whose life was cut short by war or genocide? Would they not declare the world coming to an end at the turn of this millennium? Yet, here it is present day and humanity has not only survived this past century's severe trauma but is overpopulating the world with new generations!

The Alaska Earthquake . . .

We were here when the Great Alaska Earthquake occurred in 1964, an experience that gave us a unique perspective of the threat of predicted End-day earth changes.

The Alaska quake registered 9.2 on the Richter scale and lasted a full five minutes! It was a catastrophic event to be sure, with mountains and valleys sinking up to 5' and 40' tidal waves sweeping through coastal towns. There were over one hundred deaths, thankfully low due to sparsely populated areas and the late hour of the day (5 p.m.).

The point is this: the Alaska earthquake unleashed the same forces predicted for the End-days. Yet, humanity survived, the cracks in the earth did not eat up entire city blocks, the affected communities rebuilt and the economy rebounded. After this profound personal experience, we subsequently view End-day prophecies with an ounce of reason and common sense.


When you review Ragnarok from this perspective, it appears that many of the salient points of the Siby's prophecy have already been reached and passed through. Yes, the old Gods and Goddesses die at the time of Ragnarok. That means they died to old perceptions. No longer seen as flesh and blood deities who will appear to us in the physical, they are now perceived as archetypal mediating images. They serve modern culture as models of consciousness teaching humanity how to deal with inner drives and desires, both good and bad. This does not take away their potency, it means we now understand them in their rightful dimension as vitalistic imagery within our Inner World.

Even more importantly, the prophecy of the Sibyl points to the emergence of a new world, purged of all evil, new, clean and ready to begin again. With the turning of the Cosmic Wheel in this new Age, the cycle of the Love Force has come upon the Earth. This cycle is portended in the Völuspá by the survival of Balder, the Sun-God, who would have evolved into the same savior archetype as Jesus of Hebrew tradition had Northern tradition evolved without interruption.


The Great Work of the Denali Institute is to resurrect the Northern spiritual tradition, in all its glory, in the form it would have evolved into under the guidance of an ever expanding Cosmic Love Force, had the evolutionary curve not been interrupted for some twelve centuries.

The evolution of Balder as the Christus archetype of the North represents the integration of the Cosmic Love Force into the realms of Yggdrasil and especially Midgard.

The rune Mannaz contains the mysteries of the archetypal Christus and the Perfected Human that all world saviors and spiritual adepts have been pointing humanity towards over the past several millennium.

For almost two thousand years, humanity has wrestled with this new Cosmic force being activated in Midgard, and the assimilation is not without turmoil. Most moderns mistakenly characterize the Love Force only in its attributes of gentleness, compassion, peacefulness, etc. While this is true, we remind readers that this same Love Force brings the stress of initiation and purification as a part of individualization.

The good news is that we can get on with learning more of the nature of the Love Force instead of having to prepare for survival of End-day prophecies. We are in for a great New Millennium, runesters!


Lo, there do I see my Father
Lo, there do I see my Mother, and my Sisters and my Brothers,
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning,
Lo, they do call to me, they bid me to take my place among them,
In the Hall of Valhalla,
Where the Brave, they live forever.

Viking Jarl Buliwyf
(in the movie
The 13th Warrior, based on the book by Michael Crichten)

At the end of this month, we will observe a celebration of Samhain (Ancestor's Night, All-Hallows Eve) and enter into the traditional family time of the year, when you and your loved ones will gather together physically, and if not, in treasured memories of past gatherings.

At the same time, we are in the midst of a great surge of interest in the field of genealogy, the tracing of family roots back as far as records can be researched. As a runic practitioner, you should not only be searching paper trails (which may take you back into the 1800s and even the 1700s, if you are lucky) but also be addressing "spiritual" genealogy which will carry you back a thousand years or more in your ancestral stream using the energy of the runes and your Elder Northern tradition.


First off, let's talk about what you can do right here and now to discover more about your family roots.

STEP 1: In the next few weeks, develop a list of those things you want to know about your family tree that you can ask your relatives when you have the occasion over the holidays to talk or write to them. You'll be surprised as to how much you can learn of your family tree by just this exercise.

But, I recommend you do not leave this exercise to chance. Write down your questions, and write down their answers. I also do not recommend tape recordings of conversations as your first choice, unless you plan to transcribe the recordings within a few days. Tape recordings sit around for years on the shelf, and by the time your children will want to access them, Ill bet there won't be a tape machine around (it'll be digital voice recordings or something newer).

I recommend you write down your questions in advance and write down the answers in brief shorthand type notes that you can flesh out later. Prepare a special journal to contain your notes. Write as if you were writing, not to your children or grandchildren who know you already, but to the third generation away.

STEP 2: Draw out a family tree diagram so that the linkages are obvious. I will bet you have a family tree in your baby book that ends with YOU. Now, it's time to give this same gift to your descendents.

STEP 3: Don't hesitate to make contact with your older relations this season. In many cases, whole family histories disappear with the unexpected passing of an elder in your family. If you have a "skeleton in the closet" between you and an elder, now is the time to deflate that energy with a sincere inquiry into their past and what they can remember of the generations before them.


After this effort, if you choose to do so, you can begin to search back beyond your living relatives and their memories of past generations. The Internet is the resource of choice for genealogists-just enter the term "genealogy" in a search engine and you will find hundreds of web pages offering quality services at no charge. You can initiate a search in your own name. You are limited only by your imagination and the time it takes to follow through on each lead.


Spiritual genealogy begins where the physical research leaves off, back beyond the past century or two of family records. Fortunately, you are in a spiritual tradition that not only includes but recognizes exploration of ancestral streams to benefit your present life in Midgard, as well as to reveal the variety of experiences you have stored in your family treasure box.

To be clear, we are NOT talking your personal rebirth or reincarnations within the ancestral stream. While you can expect to have incarnated more than a few times in the broad ancestral stream that you now belong to, we are paying special attention to the OTHER souls that have been weaving in and out of your ancestral stream that have left traces of their energy in your inheritance.

The runes that quicken your consciousness to awareness of your ancestral stream are:

Othala (primarily) as rune of the Kin-Fetch and Disir.

Ehwaz as rune of your Fylgja or Fetch (which contains your personal wyrd/orlog and connects to your Kin-Fetch).

Tiwaz to restore inheritances which are justly yours.

Four questions to quicken your mind in meditation:

1. Where did I get my spiritual "genes" to explain my interest and pursuit of esoteric mysteries and runic tradition, especially if none of my present family exhibit such tendencies? Think deeply on this runesters, for this question will lead you back to the ancestors that practiced the tradition openly. NOTE: you may have to leapfrog back and bypass those ancestors who were (are) dogmatic in their religious beliefs and/or fearful of straying from strong Christian dominance (don't underestimate this element).

2. Who else "owned" my name?

3. What traits have I inherited that are certainly "family?"

4. Are there any "like-minded" ancestors alive today in a distant thread of my family stream that I have yet to meet in this lifetime?

NOTE: Those of you who are of non-European ethnic heritage, consider:

(1) your fascination with symbols and a Yggdrasil-type cosmology from a similar type ancient tradition that has since disappeared from your present ethnic heritage; or

(2) leaping back to a thread of your ancestral stream that was part of or dealt with Northern cultures; as well as

(3) your past incarnations that may have been in Northern realms or overlapped with the Northern tradition.

We provide in-depth coverage of ancestral stream dynamics integral to our tradition in Rune Master lessons, as well as a full chapter in our Rune Mentalist Skills book which is further described on this site.

Good "Northern" Luck

Not Just For the Irish


It's unfortunate that a useful and practical metaphysical truth gets relegated to a once-a-year celebration of folklore particular to only one cultural group. The "Luck of the Irish," is celebrated on St. Patrick's Day, and rightly so. But it's not just to the Irish nor to the Irish Church that "Luck" belongs. It's part of the weave of Northern lore, and the Irish have held on to it the longest, to their everlasting credit.

"Luck" is a uniquely identified energy concept within the Elder Northern tradition, and recognized throughout the Northern lands. Far more than the modern definition of luck to the gambler at the race track, or in the casino (although even in this extreme, the principles apply), Northern "Luck" can be identified, quantified (somewhat), and shaped (somewhat) according to individual will.

It is true, in mainstream consciousness, that luck is "90% preparation meeting 10% inspiration." But to a Northern practitioner, the concept of Luck has much greater potential for practical use.

Just what is "Northern" Luck? In the Northern tradition, Luck is defined as mobile force. The universal energy force that fuels Luck in Northern lore is Ond, or vital breath. It is roughly comparable to chi, prana, orgone, nous, and manitu energies in other traditions.

However, in Northern lore this universal energy is given a uniquely individualized identity. When specifically addressed as the energy within an individual, this energy is called megin. Megin is defined as a personal force distinct from physical power or strength, the possession of which assures success and good fortune. It equates to what we call "charisma," but more than just everyday charm, popularity, or ability to persuade.

Megin is stored in an energy construct within the aura of a human being called the "hamingja." Numerous references are made to the hamingja of Northern heroes and kings in the sagas, but it is not easily defined. Briefly, the hamingja is an integral part of one's personal aura which gives the entire field greater potency and much more flexibility for workings of human will. Think of it as being similar to the air sac of Scottish bagpipes. The hamingja serves to concentrate one's personal megin much as the bag in the Scottish pipes acts to store air for future melodies. Consider the hamingja a reservoir for the storage of your megin energies, which in turn becomes your Luck.

Through study of the Northern mysteries, we know that, (1) the walls of the hamingja can be strengthened using the rune Elhaz, (2) its capacity to hold energy can be increased (using the runes Fehu and Elhaz, and (3) it can be tasked to discharge its energy in a "sending" under the will of an illumined mind (using the rune Fehu). The hamingja is an extremely important tool of the mind for the Northern practitioner to become adept in using.


Making a relatively simplistic assumption, we can say that the amount of Luck in your life is the equivalent to the amount of megin concentrated in your hamingja or psychic energy reservoir.

It is common that people experience the best of their Luck in the early years of life. That is when the hamingja is fresh and full of megin that is rightfully yours from past life accumulations and through your share of the energy "treasury" provided by your family ancestral stream. Because of this, early in life things happen naturally and effortlessly and you experience any number of "lucky" synchronicities.

However, as the years go by the level of the energy in your reservoir goes down as you go through life passages, and the skeletons accumulate in your mental closet. If your hamingja is not refilled with fresh megin energies, your Luck goes down also. I am sure every reader will relate to this statement to some degree or another.

If you have health problems, you can be sure that your personal megin will be used to counter bodily diseases and other health emergencies. This is an unintended depletion of your reservoir of megin energies which only serves to lower your relative level of Luck. While all the megin stored in your hamingja is instantly available in the event of an emergency, unfortunately, in most people the level of stored megin is just adequate to meet daily needs. This relatively low level is not sufficient to give you what you had known as "good luck" and is definitely not adequate to protect you from threatening situations which call for an abundant supply of megin to protect you from harm.

The Northern tradition does NOT hold that individuals are limited to a fixed allocation of megin energy in life. HOWEVER, we do know that if an individual doesn't learn how to preserve personal megin and how to refill the hamingja after discharging megin, they certainly will appear to "run out of luck." As a student on the Northern path, you will be pleased to know that there are ways in which you can increase your luck so that you will have an abundance of megin energies at your command for positive applications in life.


FIRST, Stop Excess Drainage! Extreme diplays of negative emotion (anger, jealousy, etc.) will cause unnatural drainage of your reservoir of energies. Unbridled exuberance that fills your personal atmosphere with energy supplied from your hamingja will also contribute to loss of energy. You wonder why the Ancient Wise Ones are written or observed as (relatively) sober and nonemotional? This is why.

You should also Check Your Eyes! You will want to monitor how much energy flows out of your eyes in the normal course of the day on meaningless trivia that could be retained in your hamingja. Your eyes are truly the "windows of your soul." If you don't "draw the shades" on your eyes, you will needlessly discharge psychic energy from your reservoir of storage. You will also want to remove yourself from the vicinity of the energy "sappers" as defined in our lessons.

SECOND, Add to Your Storehouse of Energy. Meditate on the several runes that are known to build up your hamingja and its reserve of energy. The rune Fehu, a fiery energy rune, is known to increase the production of megin into your hamingja. It draws down the energy of the sun, the moon and the stars into your personal sphere. The rune Uruz will draw upon the powerful telluric rune streams within the Earth to be stored in your reservoir of psychic energy. The rune Elhaz,the Guardian rune, will act to strengthen the walls of your hamingja, giving it a greater capacity to hold new energies.

You should do deep breathing exercises that we include in our lesson instruction to gather more of the mystical Ond into your hamingja. Get in the habit of regular physical exercise and proper eating habits to maintain good health and vitality. You do not want to spend precious megin in restoring yourself to health after unnecessary disease or sickness.

THIRD: Constantly Visualize Build-Up of Energy. As you mentally redirect the energies generated by your rune meditations into your hamingja, (1) see the area of concentration expanding to accommodate this new influx as a water bag expands as it fills with liquid, (2) see the extremes of your auric bubble becoming more defined with increased density at the edges so you can make it impermeable to any leakage or intrusions from outside at will, and (3) visualize a release valve within your auric field so you can "send" some of this energy to loved ones or for other workings.

Because of its capacity for discharge into magical workings and its ability to be refilled at will, albeit with a certain amount of concentrated mental work, you see that the hamingja is a very valuable mental tool for solving the problems of life, most of which are originally caused by a lack of megin energy to begin with.


This article is neither the time nor the place to go into the operative techniques of sending your Luck to others or onto situations you need to control as did the great Kings, Drightons, and Seers as noted in the Heimskringla (Chronicle of the Kings) when situations deem it necessary. That is left for our Rune Master lessons.

We will take a moment to qualify the matter of Luck regarding gambling and the like. Yes, the storehouse of megin in your hamingja can theoretically improve your luck at gambling or even at the lottery. But remember, at the same time you are applying your megin to the gaming table, there are others probably more skillful and trained than you in the art of gambling, who are also applying THEIR megin to the lay of the cards or dice or even the lottery.

Whoever is the most skillful, of course, will have the most influence. But, remember, even the professionals have to live by the whims of Luck. So, unless you are a skilled gamer, it's best to practice your Luck on getting a better job, finding a mate, increasing your business prosperity and the like. At these tasks, you will have great success because you are applying your conscious use of Northern Luck in situations where you are personally involved.


With all this being said, there is still a great mystery to Luck. We used the term "somewhat" earlier in this article, and we meant it.

While the preceding text appears like a 1-2-3 step technical model on how to manage your Luck, be aware of this: how the Breath of Life, Ond, and the magic of megin or charisma work within your aura is more of an esoteric art than a science.

Still, there are others in the mainstream who believe in the concept of "Grace" to intercede in their lives (a worthy, but ill-defined abstraction). In the Northern Path, we have brought Luck to some kind of definition and identity, along with its influencing constructs in your auric energy field, so that you, the practitioner under the influence of Illumined Imagination, can have tools with which to exercise your skills.

When we at the Denali Institute wish you Good "Northern" Luck, we mean something more than just good wishes. We mean something tangible that can be felt with your extra-sensory perceptions.


We can only touch on some of the principles of Northern Luck in this journal article. Much more is contained in the expansive lore of the rune Fehu found in our lesson material as well as a full discussion in Rune Master course quarter #3 on Abundant Living.

Are You Enriched or Robbed?

If a mugger took $ 500 from your wallet
and gave you $ 100 back,
would you feel ENRICHED by his generosity,
or ROBBED of your $400?

Unfortunately, that is exactly the situation most seekers find themselves in when searching for answers from popular spiritual sources.

So much has been forgotten about the true nature of the Life Force, or has been covered over by centuries of dogma, or has been out-and-out changed by power-seeking revisionists, that most of humanity feels "enriched" by the little knowledge being given them by mainstream religion, and even, most New Age sources of wisdom.

In Denali lessons on cosmology, we learn that Life mysteries are meant to be understood by the intuitive and illumined reasoning powers of the human mind. They are NOT meant to be perpetually shrouded in the foggy mists of blind faith and abstractions. The ancient Wise Ones wrote their teachings accordingly, but so much has been lost between then and now. Where did we go wrong?


New students are encouraged to review our foundation documents, such as the Understanding Northern Spiritual Mysteries manuscript and our Quick Study lesson: Runes and Your Destiny, to refresh your mind about the value of the original knowledge contained in the Northern tradition. This will allow us to present NEW information about how modern seekers have been shortchanged, without having to go over the foundation points of Northern lore in this short article.

This is a brief introduction into the teaching points contained in this essay (available as Insight Article #292) and Denali lessons on Northern lore and Yggdrasil cosmology. The singular question to be answered is . . . how do you feel, Enriched or Robbed by cultural trances?

Understanding Northern Spiritual Mysteries

The Understanding manuscript provides a foundation of knowledge regarding Northern spiritual mysteries. It is offered as part of the Rune Master instruction program or separately to the general public. The following extracts will give you an idea of the range and scope of this paper and our instruction. 

A Surrounding Medium

Like the fish that has no name for water, those of us who live in modern western culture are surrounded by the heritage of ancient Northern custom and tradition. It sustains us with a richness and abundance that is unique in the history of civilization. Just as the fish does not conceive water as an object outside itself, we neglect to see how much our daily lives are influenced by the Northern tradition. This is a great mistake, because it leads us to search for esoteric truths in strange mystical doctrines, attempting to configure our mental selves to unnatural (to us living in western culture) methods of thinking. All the while, we have the philosophic substance of Life within our very own cultural heritage. Signs of the great Northern tradition surround us daily, for instance...

(This paragraph is followed by eight distinct signs of the Northern tradition in our cultural heritage. The signs include the foundation points of democracy and our system of law; the overriding drive for equality of sexes which is more Northern than Middle Eastern tradition; the names of the days of the week; the festival of Yule; our natural system of measure, etc.)



In Northern lore, Řrlög is the root concept of the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect. In Old Norse it literally means ‘primal layers’, and is loosely translated as ‘fate’. Řrlög parallels the Eastern concept of karma, a relatively fixed outworking of cause and effect.

However, within řrlög we find the Northern concept of wyrd, which is the process by which past actions are woven to influence your present and future experiences. In the North, the concept of wyrd provides a flexibility not identified in the karma of Eastern tradition. Wyrd is the means by which řrlög, or the cosmic law of cause and effect, can be ‘bent’.

Because Northern esoteric disciplines hold that the will of the individual is ever in play to influence events, wyrd can be ‘bent’ to the will of the illumined mind. In Northern lore, the web of wyrd is never looked upon as fatalistic or unchangeable. Rather, past deeds build up weight in the cosmic fabric by which the ‘lay’ of future events can be anticipated. If these events are deemed undesirable, the ‘lay’ can be redirected (but not negated) by the active mind and independent will of the individual.

Several runes work to ‘bend’ unfavorable wyrd, specifically the rune Nauthiz (#10) when activated correctly. The energies of Nauthiz help define the existing web of wyrd and act as a counter force to negative řrlög, much as a karate expert uses the force of an opponent to render an attack harmless.

In Northern myth the three Norns are depicted as weaving the web of wyrd for both humankind and the gods alike, for no energy field within the realm of Midgard (Earth) is exempt from the Cosmic Law of cause and effect. The Norns are also known as the three ‘Weird Sisters’ in Shakespeare and the three ‘Fates’ of Greco-Roman lore.

(The above paragraph outlines one of eight identifying characteristics of the
Northern tradition explained in the "Understanding" paper.)

 Critical Points

Those who think the Northern mystery teachings stop at the pantheon (Odin, Thor, Tyr, Freyr, Freyja, etc.) fall woefully short of an accurate perception of the Northern creation story. The lineage of androgynous, pre-conscious Beings (Ymir, Audhumla, Buri) demonstrates a little known rudimentary truth found within the Northern mysteries.

By placing the androgyne several levels of consciousness above the pantheon of gods and goddesses, the Northern ancients revealed their knowledge of Ultimate Intelligence (Cosmic Mind, Creative Life Force) as a state of consciousness beyond that of the gods and goddesses. In fact, myths of the mighty gods and goddesses emphasize that they were human in their appetites, while superhuman in their feats.

The energy that they used for their activities comes from the Source of all energy in the universe, Cosmic Mind. This cosmic energy was called Ond in the North. It is also known as Nous, Chi, Prana, Manitu, etc. in other traditions. In Northern myth, the Aesir Goddess Frigga (wife of Odin) is imaged as spinning the (cosmic) Substance that eventually becomes the threads the Norns weave together to determine the řrlög and wyrd of humankind. This role places Frigga equivalent to the Cosmic Feminine in other metaphysical traditions. Denali Institute programs explore the mysterious dimensions of Cosmic Mind beyond the level of the ancient pantheon as a part of our triune approach to the Northern mysteries.

(The above paragraph outlines one of four critical points in differentiating the
Northern tradition as contained in the "Understanding" paper.)

Archetypes and Other Psychological Constructs

The most accepted modern psychological structure that comes closest to the ancient Teutonic view of the Life mysteries is that developed by the Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung. No 20th Century thinker has contributed more to the understanding of symbols and symbol-making than Dr. Carl Jung. Jungian psychology postulates that remnants of the primordial dimensions of Being penetrate our rational consciousness in the form of symbols. There are symbols having personal resonance and symbols with universal resonance, which Jung calls archetypes.

Although Jung popularized the term archetype, he didn't coin the word. It first appears in Plato as he described the ideas or forms of natural objects present in the divine mind prior to creation. Jung suggests that if you could follow the archetype all the way back to its inception, you'd pass over the chasm between mind and matter. Archetypes are housed in the collective unconscious, a term invented by Jung to refer to an ancient symbol making mechanism. While the personal unconscious is individual, the collective unconscious is universal. Jungian theory along with quantum physics and holographic theory (covered later) gives us a rational foothold to understand how archetypal symbols, such as runes and the pantheon of gods and goddesses, can influence the manifest world through the agency of an illuminated human mind.

OTHER TOPICS covered in the "Understanding" paper include…

Northern Cosmology

The Northern Creation Story

Dynamics of the Northern Cosmic World Tree, Yggdrasil

The Pantheon of the North

The Mystical Landscape: Earth's Elementals and the Co-destiny of Earth and Humanity

The Northern Tradition in World History including its Suppression and Modern Revival

The Runes: Origins of the Runes, Quantum Physics and the Hologram, Science and Philosophy Come Together

Mind States for Mystical Practices: Changing Brain Wave Patterns


- The 24-Rune Elder Futhark - Rune Shapes & their Ancient and Transpersonal Meanings
B - Bibliography & Recommended Reading

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