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The Rune Master course is set up in a quarterly (three month, three lesson) sequence with a new topic of learning each quarter. There is no obligation or mandatory renewal from quarter to quarter. We intend to fill you with an abundance of new knowledge each quarter to justify your continuation into the next topic of instruction and our ongoing presence in your search for spiritual knowledge.

The Rune Master course is divided into three cycles. The First Cycle leads you to the level of Runic Initiate. Numerous practical exercises help you apply rune energies to master the forces of Life in Midgard (Earth). In your very first lesson, you will begin to learn how to THINK A RUNE . . . a most practical skill for your advancement.

QUARTERLY TOPICS in this First Cycle include: relationship, protection, healing, luck and prosperity, birth/death, divination, cosmology, and more. This cycle consists of 36 insight-filled lessons which can be studied at a pace of one lesson per month or at an “accelerated pace” in groups of 12 lessons at a time (after completion of the first quarter).

The Second Cycle leads to your certification as a Rune Master in the Hall of the Denali Institute. This cycle brings you mastery of rune forces, not just in Midgard, but in all nine energy realms of the Northern World Tree, Yggdrasil. Completion of the Second Cycle depends on the student’s individual progress through the curriculum.

For those choosing to apply their evolved rune skills to the world at large, we offer a Third Cycle as an Erulian, or Runic Philosopher/Teacher. At this level, you join a network of Denali Institute Erulians applying their knowledge to help the human life wave move to its true destiny in a field of your choosing.



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